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Anhui Baishijia Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and was born in the beautiful capital: Tongcheng, Anhui. Which is the city of industry, was called China's Packaging and Printing Industry Base, China's Plastic Packaging Industry Base. BAISHIJIA now has two factories, covering an area of more than 68000 square meters and a building area of 56000 square meters.

One factory is the production base of aluminum cap with the most complete process chain in China. It has a number of domestic top-notch processes, such as aluminum plate composite anti-counterfeiting printing, high-precision mold production and development, two-dimensional code intelligent UV code production line, two-dimensional code intelligent laser code production line, two-dimensional code intelligent cap production line, etc. many technologies fill the gaps in China, and it is the industrial base with the largest shipment volume of QR code smart bottle caps in China........More

Corporate Vision:Unswervingly promote the development strategy of "strong cooperation" company and build a first-class domestic and international advanced bottle cap packaging enterprise.

Corporate PurposesService customers wholeheartedly,Fully meet the needs.

Corporate MissionTake the directors of hundreds of schools and create the best products of the century.

Business Philosophy:Integrity  Truth-seeking  Innovation.

Core Value:Create value for customers, create benefits for society, create a better life for employees, and win the future for themselves.

  • 56,000

    Building Area  

  • 600 sets

    Automation Equipment

  • 420 people


  • 4 billion pieces

    Annual Production

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