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    The printing of aluminum bottle caps is usually offset printing, but if it is combined with screen printing, embossing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, ink-jet printing and other printing processes, it can show special effects. Anhui baishijia Packaging Co., Ltd. editor today to bring you a brief understanding of these printing process ha!

    1. screen printing

    Screen printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer and curved surface printing. It is one of the anti-counterfeiting printing methods and can be used to print bottle caps with anti-counterfeiting effect. The advantages of screen printing: less investment, low cost; not limited by the shape of the bottle cap; thick ink layer, strong stereo sense and covering power; not limited by ink and diluent.

    2. relief printing

    Embossing can be used for side multi-color curved surface printing to make up for the drawing deformation of the pattern after offset printing. The printing pattern is a non overlapping color block, roll printing is such a printing process.

Some customers will choose the aluminum plastic combination anti-counterfeiting bottle cap with anti-counterfeiting and higher sealing. The outer cap is mainly aluminum cap, and the pattern design is mostly complex. The inner cover is a combination of aluminum and plastic. It is suggested that the aluminum cover should be embossed, and the design should be as simple and generous as possible compared with the outer cover.

    3. thermal transfer printing

    Heat transfer printing includes side heat transfer printing and hot stamping of color patterns. The former is to transfer the image to the surface of the objects to be printed by means of pressure and heating. The latter usually transfers the gilding paper to the bottle cap. The gilding paper has gold, red, silver, blue and so on. The pattern has high brightness and shows high-end. Especially the positioning hot stamping can perfectly combine the embossing and multi-color hot stamping process to achieve the effect of icing on the cake.

    4. pad printing

    Transfer printing is the transfer of steel intaglio plate through the transfer head. It is mainly used for the printing of irregular top of bottle cap, and is mostly used for the printing of plastic bottle cap.

    5. Ink jet printing

    Inkjet printing is used for inkjet and fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink. For example, more and more bottle caps now have two-dimensional codes, which can be used in this printing process,

    For wine packaging, gorgeous and elegant bottle caps can play a finishing role. The appearance design of bottle caps needs to show unique features, rather than the same imitation and replication. From design to plate making, from production to assembly, it is closely linked. Only by producing the bottle cap belonging to its own brand image, can the brand value be reflected.

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